The WB2JJO Raspberry Pi
IRLP Node in Petersburg, NJ

Photos of my Raspberry Pi IRLP Node 4160.

(Click any photo to see a larger view)

IRLPFront view of IRLP node and Alinco DR135 radio. Box is a Hammond 1599D.
IRLPTop view showing power connections and cooling fan.
IRLPBack view. IRLP box is fed 12V power with coaxial power connector at right.
IRLPOpposite side view.
IRLPAnother front view.
IRLPTop down view of IRLP box.
IRLPInside front view. Three terminal 5V regulator at right.
IRLPInside rear view.
IRLPAnother full view.
IRLPSpare backup SD card stored in top cover.

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